For Pain or Gain: Tips for Writing Meaningful Nonfiction

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Tips for Writing Meaningful Nonfiction

Guest Post By Courtney Frey

My first creative non-fiction was a messy memoir holding tragic secrets of my past, linked to those I loved and those I’d yet to forgive.  It was bound at a local Kinko’s, and shortly after, I proceeded to hand it out at a family reunion.  I’d tried for years to exercise the demons by telling, but when no one would listen, I wrote the book hoping they, at least, might read it.  The response to the book was, “Burn that book.”

In years to come I published over two hundred articles both online and in print, and while friends and family members occasionally supported my writing ability, it was when I was about twenty-three my step-mother sat me down and had a hard heart to heart about what my writing non-fiction was doing to my family.  She told me, or…

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