Stay True

“Action expresses priorities. – Gandhi”

I believe it is only human to express such passion or love towards something and then do nothing. I am no expert or guru or anything like that but at least I have eyes, I have a mind and a soul. I am no different from you or from the one next to you. It takes one to know one.

So I would be lying if I tell you that I have never ran away from something, trying to escape from a place that once made me happy. Keeping inside so many feelings and then regretting not saying anything the day after. The thing is, was it ever this difficult to stay true? What is keeping us from doing what really makes us happy? From loving truly?

So yesterday I was talking to a friend. I stated that I do believe in love at first sight but that I find it so impossible for it to happen to me. He would ask why and honestly I simply don’t know the answer, I just see it that way. Society, broken hearts, lies, life and expectations. You wake up one day, fresh, brand new, and then you start to discover all the limits the world has for you. As W. Young said in The Shack, if we’re going to talk about freedom, lets start from all that that chains us, even genetics. The important thing to learn is how to use all these experiences, heartbreaks, stumbles and even genetics to create a better us. To compromise with ourselves, to stay true no matter what. Instead of running away, keep running towards. Keep acting according to your priorities and you’ll find a stronger you and you’ll never be afraid again.