Look at You by

Look at You

By Erica Atje

Nothing is more fun than sit on a terrace and watch people passing by not knowing you’re watching them. I can’t help myself thinking up stories for those people. I would think, for example; he doesn’t have to say anything at home, she’s the boss. Or I’m making up the conversation they’re having. Some people I believe to be some kind of ugly on the outside, but that’s just my first impression and my taste. When people don’t look so nice on the outside, in my eyes, they sure can me beautiful on the inside. I tend to say just to kid; ‘He looks so ugly he must be nice.’

Once, when I was about 19 years of age, a new girl entered the classroom. She didn’t look very attractive, but then I got to know her. She was a laugh you can’t imagine. I even didn’t look at her as unattractive anymore, she was just another girl but hilarious!

Then a new boy entered the classroom. Wow, he was a real hunk (did I write this okay?). But then he started talking… I really didn’t like his accent at all. Instantly this hunk was turned into a, I can’t find the word for it, but into a not so attractive person to me.

When I lived in Utrecht I always saw this beggar sitting by one of the canals. I really thought he was a wanderer, but then I learned this wasn’t true. In fact this man owned his own home and it was a big house too. He had lots of money and the only thing he liked doing was to go into town and be amongst people. The man was well educated but didn’t like the system. He didn’t mind his clothes either, that’s why I thought he was a beggar. But he just liked playing his violin to entertain the people.

I always have a first impression of people, but I don’t stick to it. It’s just a first impression. Once you start knowing a person by talking to them and really listening, then you can get a real good impression of how they really are.

Now I have a question for you. It’s a difficult one, because I tried this one in Dutch too and people didn’t understand what I meant. So please read this carefully starting with a small introduction.

People, when they see me, think I’m very confident and have a lot of friends so I don’t have time for them. Because I wear black most of the time and my eyes with black lining, some people are scared of me. This is what people told me.

Erica Eyes Aat RietdijkBut, here’s my question; Don’t you want to look through the eyes of someone else, being yourself, and then look at you while you walk in the streets? So let me try to say it differently. You and your feelings, your thoughts are in somebody else looking with your own eyes at you, in body, walking by.

Do you understand what I mean???

I would like to know, in my case, what I would think about me when I saw myself walking by. Would I be scared of me? Would I think; ‘What a lovely woman?’ What would my first impression be of me?

Aren’t you curious about what you would think when you saw yourself walking by? What would you think?

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